Art for Hope

Celebrating the gift of art and the hope for tomorrow

Art for Hope Fundraiser

Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, 5:30pm Wellshire Event Center 333 South Colorado Boulevard Denver, CO 80222

Please join us for a night of art, food and drinks to benefit the Rocky Mountain Foundation of Hope and cancer patients such as Carly, Linda and Carl (see stories below).

Registration is now open! Click Here.


Ticket Price- $50 per person. Feel free to download the event flyer Art.for.hope (pdf).


If you have art to donate, or any questions about the event, please contact: Elizbeth Izant at 303.399.0564 or Shannon Cox at 720.290.7511


Interested in becoming a sponsor? We will have various levels of sponsorship available and would appreciate your support.

Thank you for your support!

Here are some stories of the people we are currently raising money for: Carly ~ age 5 (Texas) Carly is currently fighting stage 4 cancer in her kidney called Wilms Tumor. She was diagnosed Sept. 7, 2010. To read more about her story, please visit the link: Linda ~ mid 50's (Colorado) Linda is currently fighting a rare cancer called Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (G.I.S.T.) which is a form of sarcoma. Linda's cancer kills the pacer cells in her digestive system. Carl ~ mid 40's (Montana) Carl is currently fighting stage 2 colorectal cancer. Carl, his wife and their 3 children are living in the hospital parking lot in their RV as they could no longer afford their home.